Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stepping Outside the Box

Is there one thing you've always wished you had the courage to do but have yet to accomplish?  A dream you take out and dust off every so often, only to put it back in storage for another day?  I have a few...some I know I'll actually manage to check off my list someday.  Others...bring me so far out of my comfort zone, it might as well be a different planet!  These dreams don't have to be outrageous to be scary.  One of my dreams is actually not that big of a deal, or at least might not seem that way to sing solo on stage.  I know there is no real risk in doing so, unless the stage is on fire!  Though all I've managed in this arena is to hide within choirs, where I can sing my little heart out without really being noticed.  I've watched my father and brother sing solo many times, for they are the ones with all the bravery...or perhaps the least amount of inhibitions.  My enormous stage fright has caused me to stay within my comfort zone for years, where I know it's safe.  Yet I just can't let go of the pops into my head every so often for me to contemplate, until I safely tuck it away again.

I was fortunate to recently meet a young man from Sweden, named Andreas, who is following his dreams...and he is truly amazing!  Andreas also has CMT, and years ago he began to search for a way to succeed in athletics despite his physical challenges.  That search led him to find the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and a newly designed bike called an ElliptiGo, which provides a low impact workout...perfect for someone with CMT.  With this bike, Andreas is stepping outside his box every day, doing things I can't even imagine...things that make my simple dream of singing seem attainable.  And thanks to my friend M (CMT support group leader,) a bunch of us had the opportunity to meet Andreas in Albany a few weeks ago, and hear his story.  Along with travelling around the world, Andreas has recently begun a bike tour across America on his ElliptiGo...with the goals of raising awareness of CMT, and trekking 6000 miles across the country.  6000 MILES...can you even imagine that??  He will be visiting areas I've only read about, making the impossible seem possible!  It was amazing to meet Andreas, who proved to me that even with CMT you can reach beyond your limits.  You can push against the sides of that box, until it collapses...and explore what lies outside.

Andreas on his ElliptiGo bike

So have I signed up for a 6 month's no longer a MYSTERY singing tour, or even gone to Karaoke night at a local bar?  Not yet...although I must admit--I kind of like that title!  Mostly, meeting Andreas made me take a look at myself and my life; it made me question those 'in the box decisions' I've been making for so long.  My future suddenly seems a little larger...filled with a lot more possibilities!  In the meantime, I'm following Andreas' blog as he treks across America...please take this opportunity and check it out at the link below, and learn more about his story.  It is well worth it!

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  1. I would be the " first " to buy a ticket to your first public appearance! Christine , in a solo preformance, would certainly have to be a huge success ! What have you attempted that has not surpassed everyones expetations ? You put us all in awe of your many talents , and your ability to approach them with such fearless
    aspirations, and joy , and hard work, to produce such beauty , and soulfull art.
    The story of "Andreas" was amazing , and how wonderfull it was you were able to meet him , and talk with him !It something we all can benifit from . I've read his blog , and have signed up to follow him , Thank you for giving us the information , and allowing us to follow this brave young intelligent soul on his journey , and learn from his life on the road , and the wisdom he can depart.
    I believe its easy sometimes for us to remember the strength it takes you to write your blog , and paint , and write your book , as you handle these projects so well . We forget the "CMT " , the reason this is all about , and the conditions you are in at times when you produce these " wonderfull words " , or "create your beautifull art " . You've always been a big inspiration to me , and have always helped with personal growth and healing . It is in my opinion that you , like "Andreas " , are allready on your cool bike and exploring new avenues everyday ! I look forward to following "both " of your adventures ........