Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Chili Update

And I'm not talking about Winter!  I thought I'd do an update on the youngest furry member of our household, Chili.  As in Chili Pepper, Chili Con Carne, Silly Chili...and My GOD, do you ever stop TALKING Chili.  He has a lot of nicknames!

I looked back at my original post about Chili, written after introducing him to our home.  Most of it still holds true...he is a very sweet boy, and very friendly once he gets to know you.  And once he gets past his shyness, Chili literally shakes with joy while you scratch his neck, usually followed by a 'head butt' of thanks!  And as I mentioned before, Chili does talk A LOT.  Often he says "Hello?" over and over again, while he makes his way through the apartment.  Though his most favorite thing to do is go into my bathroom once I'm in bed, yelling "No?  NO???" to the point of madness...I think he likes the echo!  What is even stranger, is I usually answer him...even though his question never ends, nor does it change.  So I ask you...which one of us needs therapy?

The one thing that did change, however, is the relationship between Chili and his older brother Shay.  I had posted that there were hisses and poofy tails at first (very normal for cats,) but that they had gotten to the point where they were ignoring each other.  Soon after I posted that (about 5 minutes after, I believe,) their relationship dramatically changed...the ignoring turned to LOVE, and blossomed into one of the deepest and sweetest relationships I've ever witnessed!  It is as if they were separated at birth, and have rediscovered each other after all this time...they spend each day grooming each other, sleeping in one another's arms, and chasing each other throughout the apartment.  Now I'M the one being ignored, until it's time to open another can!  Though really, I couldn't be happier.  It is so good to see Shay acting himself again, like a little boy with his new best friend by his side.  Here's a picture of the love I'm talking about!

Aren't they sweet?  I have hundreds any proud mom!  And as I relish any opportunity to share my photos with anyone who will spare me the time, I'll share a few with you...though I promise it will just be the highlights!  Like this next one of Shay and Chili sleeping together on the living room rug, back to back.

Or taking a moment to watch for birds...a favorite pastime of both boys!

And one of my most favorites...Shay and Chili forming a furry heart on the couch.  Don't worry...the snapping of my camera never wakes them up!

You would think I would be seething with jealousy, amidst a love like this...but I keep myself plenty busy, taking pictures of all of it.  And there's always the holidays to provide me with extra activities, such as finding special 'hats' to commemorate each one with style! (Did I mention I might need therapy??)  Anyway, I recently took the opportunity to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick's day...with the purchase of a special shamrock hat for the boys!  This time I wasn't successful in getting a picture of he's figured out that when mommy has a tiny hat in her hands, it's time to RUN!!  Though never fear, dear readers...I managed to get a photo of Chili, celebrating the joy of being Irish!  Okay...the truth is both boys had their backs to me and weren't paying any attention at all, so I saw my chance and TOOK IT.  As any proud and slightly insane cat mommy tends to do!  So I end this latest cat post with a photo of Chili wearing his shamrock, Irish, and in style!  That says it all, don't you think?


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  1. What a wonderfull blog about a Cat Mom , and the progress of her cherished family ! It's been so long [ Christmas photo's of semi falling trees ... lol ] that we've been brought up to date .
    I don't know what "cat years " is to "human years " , but it seems as though they've both survived the terrible "TWO'S" , and have settled down to be loving siblings [ you are on your way to world peace ... kitty by kitty !!! ]
    The photos are beautifull , as a prior cat owner [ Hello , my name is AL , I used to own cats ] I 'LL be very sure my next abode contains a lease that allows "FELINES " !
    We only differ in our approach to raising and loving cats in one issue ........ "HATS " ????
    SHUDDER !!! I WINCE IN PAIN FOR THE POOR CREATURE ..... LOL ! But , your love and devotion must be universally accepted by your kitty family .... as we have photgraghic proof , that they did indeed indulge in you Holiday Hat Ceremony ..... What a great Cat Mom indeed !