Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Final Post

It is with a heavy heart that this post is being written.  This blog's author - my beautiful and talented daughter, Christine Hook - died suddenly this past Friday, February 8, 2013.
Through this blog, written over the past three years, she shared much about her life: her hopes and dreams, how it was like to live with a disability, and other things that were important to her.  Her writing, even when discussing the difficulties in her life, was always punctuated with a feeling of hope and laced with humor.
In her life, after she had to stop working because of her disability, she again took up her art - a subject she majored in for her bachelor's degree.  She began again to paint and pictures of a number of her paintings have appeared in the pages of her blog.  She was involved in a movement in our local area known as Art de Cure, where paintings and photography of local artists are displayed in various medical offices and the proceeds from any sale of the art go to a variety of charities.  She was the coordinator of one of the medical galleries, the donations from which went to find a cure or means of alleviating her disease - Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or CMT.  The members of the Art de Cure have decided to name that particular gallery The Christine Hook Memorial Gallery, a tribute to her work in bringing awareness to her disability.
Even though dealing with her disability and other medical problems, she never lost her sense of humor and always had a ready smile.  She is remembered by many who knew her of how positive her outlook was and how she always brought encouragement to others dealing with various problems.
So now we bring this blog to an end.  I would recommend that you peruse the various writings she has left us over these past few years.  And so we say farewell to a beautiful and talented woman whose work and memory will live on in her writings, in the pictures she painted, and in the hearts of all who knew her.  May she rest in peace.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Christine was an inspiration to me, a fellow CMTer.

  2. A gallery in her name...what a wonderful and everlasting tribute to Christine. I will miss her words.

  3. May she rest in peace. I am so sorry for your loss. As a fellow CMT blogger, Christine was always a source of support and inspiration. Your family is in our prayers.

  4. I'm so very sorry for your loss , and your entire family remain in my prayers . As a friend , Christine was truly the brightest star among the rest . Her " light " shown the brightest .
    Those we have loved and cherished, those who have changed our lives in some small , or profound way are closer then we know, because it is " their " light that shines on our world . It is the brilliance of their souls that makes our night sky glow ....."
    Shine bright Dear Child .....

  5. My heart sends every prayer for consolation for you, Carol, and your family at this sad, sad time.

    You brought Christine to meet me about 3 years ago, maybe 2? I loved our short get together in my office; it was there and then that I became a regular reader and pretty regular commenter on her blog. She was such an inspiration to me, and I loved witnessing her transformation as she dove into her art and doing work on behalf of CMT.

    She was a joy and a light, a real gift in the world. Christine sent me an email last week; I loved reading her posts and emails. My life is enriched for having known your daughter. I just wish that she did not have to go so soon. Thank you so much for an introduction that changed my life.

    Neil, I wish that I could be at the funeral this morning, but I cannot. Please know that I wish you peace and offer every prayer to you today.

  6. Neil, Carol, Paul and family: what a beautiful tribute to your beloved daughter. My husband Jim (Larkin) and I are so sorry for your loss.

    Cindy Nagle, Our Lady of Grace

  7. I am so sad to see a final post for this lovely blog written with humor and grace. Christine will be so missed! I still expect to see her insights finding us here and elsewhere on the web. I send warm wishes to everyone left behind with Christine's passing. We now carry the torch for her. Her light has passed on and will continue to inspire me. Always.