Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome to the Family!

Introductions are now in order...we have a new addition to our family!  Yes, the fur continues to accumulate in my apartment, and despite my allergies I couldn't resist adding some more.  A little over a week ago I brought home a handsome, sweet one-year-old cat named Chili.  (As in chili pepper...and Mexican food...and margaritas!)  The name I have since learned, fits him to a tee...he is a beautiful deep orange and white cat, shy but playful, and loving once he gets to know you.  Five minutes in his presence and you can't help but think of happy things, like kicking back with a big margarita in hand!

Now, some people may think it's way too soon to bring a new cat into my life, so shortly after losing my darling Scout.  I struggled with that myself...and then my friend K pointed out to me that I'm not replacing her.  NOTHING could ever replace her...Scout was one of a kind.  I'm choosing to open my heart to another cat who needs a home, and allowing myself to love again.  And K was absolutely right!  Is there a risk?  Always.  Though as they say...a life without love is no life at all.  Do I feel any less sad about Scout's passing?  Not really, though I'm managing my emotions a little better.  I still run into those moments, however, that sneak up on earlier today when I was washing out Shay and Chili's dishes.  As they are both boys, they tend to be messy and not 'clean their plates' all the way, so there are always scraps to wash out.  I was doing just that, and thought to myself how different they are from how Scout used to be--she would just about lick the flower pattern off the ceramic, she was so thorough!  And then I spent the next 10 minutes crying.  You see??  Even something as simple as cat food and messy dishes can bring on the tears!  And that's okay...tears are normal.  And I'd rather risk having a life full of them, if it lets these sweet, funny and furry little beings into my heart!

The other big reason I adopted Chili was as a friend for Shay.  He has been very lonely since Scout passed away, and really is such a nice, friendly boy...he needed a companion.  And though there were a few hisses and some tail-poofing at first, they have both acclimated well to the situation...and are now spending a good deal of their day doing what cats do best--ignoring each other!  And then all of a sudden they will have bursts of feline energy, and run pell-mell throughout the apartment chasing foam balls and batting them around.  Once in a while a paw comes up and it's a cat that gets batted...they are boys, after all.  Though I can safely say that there is no blood or fur flying, which makes me breathe a little easier.   Chili has definitely fit into our home nicely, though to be honest I haven't slept much since he joined us...his most productive playing/talking hours are from 2:30-3:00 a.m., again at 4:30 till whenever, and often around 6a.m.  And Chili is a TALKER!  His meow sounds a lot like "Hello?" and he says that word a lot.    Never fear dear readers...I have ordered some special ear plugs, and hope to be sleeping through the night--oh, sometime around next Tuesday.


  1. They are really cute and you're a good kitty mommy.