Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hogwarts is back!

So break out your wands, and fasten your robes...The next Harry Potter movie came out on November 19th!  Or should I say the FIRST part of J.K.Rowling's book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, which is sure to have all the HP fans out there salivating for the finale!  If you've read this blog and looked at my profile, you may have noticed that I am a HUGE fan of these books...I reread them at least once a year--yes, all seven of them.  I even have the Scene It-Harry Potter trivia game, not to mention Harry Potter Clue.  (Yes, I really am 39.  I'm a book nerd...what can I say?)  Though, I may add, my father is also a fan of these books...and one of our favorite pastimes is to call each other and pose very obscure HP trivia questions to stump one another so we can finally be declared the WINNER.  Neither one of us has actually won this's rather endless.  And my father is...well, let's just say he's older than 39.  Age has no limits when it comes to great literature! 

Now, as much as I would love to have been sitting in the movie theater at 11:59 pm on Friday night, as the lights went down and that famous Harry Potter music began, I have to admit...I wasn't there.  It's not that I'm less of a fan that I claim to be.  And it's not that I'm scared to see the movie, or that I'm afraid of dark movie theaters.  When I do go and see it I am sure there will be moments that I am sitting on the edge of my seat, gripping the arm in anticipation.  And despite reading the books a million times, this movie will shock me one moment and make me cry the next.  Of that I have no doubt!  None of that scares me...though what's going on beyond the movie screen does, however.  The truth of it is that I am not very good with crowds...the more people around me, the more my anxiety builds.  I would love to have a wand hidden up my sleeve, that I could whip out at any given moment, while I scream "STUPIFY!!!" and stun the crowd so that I can move through them unharmed...or use a banishing charm and part them like the Red Sea.  Unfortunately I do not come equipped with a wand, though if I could figure out how to get one, that would be REALLY AWESOME!!  But for now I just have to wait a week or two, and THEN go to see the most exciting movie of the year.  It's a good thing I'm patient!

You see, there are many little details you have to consider when you are disabled.  They can be annoying, nagging little details, but they need to be considered nonetheless.  This never goes away, no matter what the situation is...even if it's watching a movie I've waited so long to see.  How big is the mall where the movie theater presides?  How far do I have to walk to get to the theater?  Will I have to stand in line to get tickets?  Will there be anywhere to sit down if I need to?  And the main reason I wait a few crowded will it be?  It's not that I dislike people.  But as with the furry little mouse visitor I had in my old apartment, people can also be unpredictable.  And the bigger the crowd, the more unpredictability there can be.  The older I get the more I notice that people just don't pay attention.  Although I do not believe it's ever been on purpose, I've been stepped on, knocked into, and actually been knocked over.  Because I have balance issues things like that can happen quite easily.  And I'm not sure how to avoid these situations, short of putting lit fireworks in my coat pockets to scare people enough so they notice I'm there, or avoid taking showers for months at a time so they are repelled by the smell.  Neither option sounds appealing, so my best bet is to not put myself into these situations in the first place!

So I will wait.  And as anxious as I am to see this movie, I will have to curb my desires and settle for breaking open the first of Rowling's Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  After all, it's been about eight months.  But seriously...anyone know where I can get a WAND??

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