Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amazing Results!!

The math is done, the tally is in...the Starry Night event is over!  It was a huge success, more so than I ever expected.  As stressful as this whole process has been, things have also been falling into place--volunteers agreed to help and joined our committee, food and items were donated, friends and family came out to support us...each little step leading up to one wonderful, successful night!

The result?  It's staggering!  Before the main event happened we were given a grant by CMTA's board member Elizabeth Ouellette, as part of her 'Birthday Wish'...whatever funds we raised would be doubled for the CMTA.  We had high hopes, and weren't disappointed!  We had eight sales of artwork and lots of sales of beautiful donations, and at the end of the night we raised $11,064.00!  Can you believe it?

And so for the past couple of days I've been tying up loose ends, matching receipts and adding the final total...and decompressing at the same time!  I am thankful to have been a part of such a great cause, and I am very thankful it is finally over...for now I feel I can get some much needed rest.  Three of the paintings sold were pieces I had created, which is a great feeling!  My piece, Star Light, Star Bright, is shown below.  Though what is even greater was witnessing all the volunteers, Art de Cure members, CPO office staff, and event guests showing their support and helping us to reach our goal.  Again I say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise so much money for the CMTA!

So with that final Adieu, I'm signing off for now...with a big yawn, and a happy heart.  I wish everyone a starry, starry night!

ADDENDUM:  Late donation of $25...brings us up to $11,089.  Every dollar counts; every ounce of support matters!  The time is now to END CMT...and we're well on our way!



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  2. Amazing results. We make a great team with all of our wonderful volunteers.

    1. Yes, we do! We were very fortunate with all our wonderful volunteers :-)