Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Art, New Opportunities!

A lot of new things are coming about, that I needed to share!  As my current artistic path shows itself, things continue to move along...and even if the path isn't always smooth, I am sticking to it.  This Friday we install our Starry Night gallery at the Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics Building (CPO) at 149 South Lake Avenue in Albany NY.  We have received some very interesting and eclectic pieces of art, from Graphic Images, to Color Photomicrographs (close-up photos of dividing cells.)  Starry Night will hang from July 27--December 28, 2012, and our big winter event will be on December 7th from 5-9pm..  This event will feature a silent auction, great food and wine, live entertainment, not to mention some fantastic art by local artists...including my own two pieces called Experiencing the New (posted below,) and a new piece I recently finished called Star Light, Star Bright (posted at bottom of this entry.)  So mark your calendars, and come join us on the 7th...it should be a lot of fun, and proceeds will benefit the CMTA!

Though the next gallery installation isn't all that is happening...soon my artwork will be featured in a magazine!  Isn't that awesome?  It is true--when one door closes, another one opens...you only have to step on through it.  Experiencing the New will be one of many artworks featured in this September's issue of Artist's World Magazine, as part of their 'Expressions Art Challenge' to raise awareness for Charcot Marie Tooth disease.  The magazine will feature artists who have CMT, or have friends with CMT, as part of awareness month.  All of the pieces featured are eligible for 'The People's Choice' award, and you can vote from now until August 15th for your favorite!  Voting is as easy as commenting on someone's status on Facebook--after clicking on the AWM link below, you can view the 17 artworks that will be featured...first LIKE the page, then click on your favorite artwork and choose LIKE again for that piece.  It's that simple!  Show your support for all of the artists featured by checking out Artist's World Magazine, and passing on their link to friends and family...by doing so, you can help raise more awareness for CMT!



  1. What great news! I have to get down there to see you and to check out the art!

  2. First an Artist whose work is shown in galleries, and now you're being "published " ! Soon I'll need to dust off my Top Hat and Tails [ where have I put those things ??? ]
    Your two new pieces look wonderfull, and your naming of each piece is as amazing as the work itself . Such an imagination , one would guess it comes with the "talent " !
    Thank you for including the website so we all can go on and view your work , and that of others in the publication ;
    then vote - vote - vote , and vote again !
    Good luck my talented friend , and keep surprizing us !