Friday, June 22, 2012

Almost There!

In two more days, I will be sitting on my porch in Schroon Lake, listening to the birds chirping from the woods in our backyard.  I can't wait!  I have been spending the week packing, which is a monstrous task in itself...I think I may need extra vacation time to recover from all the preparation.  I don't know if it's because I am an anal retentive, overly-cautious worry wart or if everyone has the same experiences packing for a trip.  But if I write one more list of things I have to do before I leave, or add to my never ending 'What to pack' list, I think my hand will just cramp up and fall off!

I have been trying to keep my sanity in the meantime, and do things that relax me.  I haven't had much success in this area, though I did manage to finish a new painting!  Tomorrow I will be dropping it off, along with three others, to the Broadway Art Center (BAC) for their next gallery installation, 'Spirit of Independence'.  And then I can cross "Drop paintings at BAC" off my to-do list.  Whoo-hoo!!  (Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going...)

My painting has a lot to do with how I've been feeling lately, after preparing for our event at CPO...sending out the 'call for artists' for our next gallery installation in July...and trying to pack for a trip--sometimes feeling like everything is happening all at the same time.  I have felt a little 'out of control' when it comes to my emotions, sometimes being frustrated and nervous about a situation, and at the same time excited and even happy.  Although a little emotion is a good thing, I am glad to be going away to where there are no distractions, or Internet...or even a phone.  I need a little break from everything, in a quiet place where I can just paint, and BE.  And so my latest painting is aptly called 'Mixed Emotions'...stop by at the BAC (corner of Broadway and Maiden in Albany,) and check it out!

And now, I can finally have that long awaited vacation I've been thinking about since winter...once I pack the car full of clothes, food, art supplies and cats (yes, they're coming too!) I will be on my way.  Hopefully we'll get to Schroon Lake safely, with a limited amount of feline complaints and heavy traffic.  And then, let the relaxing begin!! 



  1. LOVE this painting. Beautiful!! Can you do a similar piece for CPO? Enjoy your vacation. Relax, no worries. You've earned it. Have fun with your kitties and their new stroller.

  2. You so deserve a good vacation !I'm so happy for you . I don't think you're any worse then any of us when it comes to packing for a trip .... but then again , I'm as anal as they come !!!
    Enjoy your stay , and find that inner peace you always seem to gather when you spend time at your sanctuary. I'm so happy you're bringing your " family " ... but what's this about a "stroller " pray tell ? Perhaps in another blog ???
    Looking forward to seeing your new artwork , I must get down to "BAC " . Enjoy your " retreat " , relax , and feel the sun on your face !