Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Wake Up Call

I've been feeling sorry for myself today.  Since I woke up I've been surrounded by a funk, full of boredom and loneliness with a little 'lack of motivation' thrown in.  I didn't even feel the urge for my trusty television to fill the silence; a big indication that something is not right!  Even this blog, which has become a wonderful outlet for me and provided me with an opportunity to be creative on a weekly basis, could not draw me out of my own fact, when I tried to come up with a topic to write about nothing came to mind.  Which is unusual, to say the least!  So in an attempt to drag myself out of my own way, I got out of my pajamas (around 6pm...sad, I know,) and went to my parent's try and distract myself with trivia games and Yatzee.  Needless to say I failed miserably at trivia, but I did manage to win a game of's all in the wrist, I guess!

Why am I sharing this with all of you?  For the simple reason that it is a very human trait to fall into these funks every so often, and it's something I'm sure everyone has experienced for themselves...sometimes you just have to feel the emotions and let them happen.  Not that knowing this makes the feelings any easier!  I don't fall into these moods very often, thank God, but when I do it usually takes something to 'snap me out of it' and get me looking at the bright side of things again.  Luckily that something was a carefully written letter, from a child's hand, lying on my parent's dining room table.  Now, I am not in the habit of reading other people's mail, but I recognized this letter for what it was--the most recent correspondence from one of their sponsored children.  For about 10 years now, my parents have sponsored two children through the Christian Foundation for Children & Aging organization; Susan from Kenya, and Olga from Guatemala.  Susan, now 15 years old, wrote the letter that caught my eye.

The line that truly snapped me out of my own sad mood was written after an explanation on how she continues to work hard at her Susan so elegantly put it, "The sky is not the limit."  It is her dream to become an accountant, and she lets nothing stop her from reaching for that goal...despite the hardships she faces daily, along with her family.  An impressive dream, especially for a young person who has not had things easy throughout her life; I'd be hard pressed to find someone of the same age in our country, pushing daily toward such a goal.  As I was getting ready to leave I asked my mother if I could see more letters from Susan, and she gave me an entire file with letters and updates on both children to take home.  The rest of her letters (and Olga's) were enough to change my mood for the better, and realize how silly I was being...I was feeling sorry for myself because I didn't have ENOUGH to keep me busy.  These letters my parents have received, are from two young women who are VERY busy planting gardens and harvesting crops with their families, in order to survive.  And while doing all of that, they are getting an education as well, and working toward goals such as becoming an accountant; it has been Olga's dream to become a teacher, so that she can help support her family (she is now 21 years old, and has 7 brothers.)  It was amazing to read through all of their letters, and see them grow up through those pages...and you know what struck me the most?  How thankful Susan and Olga have continued to be over the past 10 years; not only for my parents who sponsor them, but for things that many of us take for granted--food to eat and running water, good health, and the love of their families.

Does this mean that I will boldly go throughout life, never again feeling down and sorry for myself??  Of course not; I am human, after all...and I will have my good moments, and bad ones.  Hopefully in the future when I find myself in one of the bad moments, I can shake out of it a little quicker by thinking of people such as Susan and Olga, and be thankful that I was given the opportunity to learn about their lives...and maybe I'll be a little more appreciative for the gifts I have been given in my own.  If you would like to learn more about the Christian Foundtation for Children & Aging organization, go to  There, you can learn about the many people being helped through sponsorship, and read some of their stories.  And after doing so, you may wish to become a sponsor as's a great opportunity to help someone in need, a goal for which you can be truly thankful!


  1. I love the way that you show your humanity and reveal yourself without guile. What a beautiful post from a most beautiful person.

    Your blog is a candle bearing light out here, the flame burning ever brighter. Thank you.

  2. A noble woman who once again shows us a side of her so that we might learn a mighty lesson .
    Christine , I do believe the "Teacher " in you shall always remain so ..... "
    Off days - feeling like doing nothing - little depressed - got the blahs - just don't care , a common malady we all tend to suffer from at times . The secret is not to wallow in it , but to remove yourself from it !
    Christine's trick was to gather with other people , congragate , she visited with her parents. Excellent idea . But what truely lifted her out of her mood ?Do you believe as I that there was more then simple accident that those letters were left for her to find on the table ? I say it was more like providence.... meant to be ... designed for her to see ! Now her spirits are truely lifted ,as she reads of these two wonderfull young girls , who under what most would think undoable odds work their way along with "WHAT THEY HAVE " , AND THEIR FAITH , to accomplish amazing things . And to continue in school to better themselfs , and their villages !
    They took stock of what they had , never complained about what they didn't have , they have their abundance of Faith , and the charity of Gods servents like Christine's parents , who for years have seen to their Christian guidence , schooling , wellfare , and health .
    What a wonderfull fix to chase away Christine's blahs ...... rejoice !
    My fix [ being Military ] is the Albany VA Hospital . I get blah days - aches - pains - wounds - PTSD , but when I hit the ward up there , hear the laughter , see the smiles , tell some jokes , talk about progress , drop a few magazines , [ these men have lost arms - legs - blinded ] I have no room for feeling down !
    These men are the same as Christine's wonderfull young girls , they have an unflinching Faith, they have taken stock of what they have , and they have that same kind of drive , nothings going to stop them from going forward !
    So , next time you find yourself in "one of thos days " , do as Christine suggest , contact that website for the " christian Foundation for Children & Aging " . They're a wonderfull organization , and you'll be helping someone , and making yourself feel mighty good ! Or , give the VA a call , get the info on visiting , what wards are open , what you can , and can not bring the men , and make someone very happy . Or stop at a nursing home and sit in the common room and simply talk to people , I do that , and the human touch can calm down even the most loudest person . I can promise you , you'll feel great .......